Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

Our Kindergarten Team plus One has a progressive dinner every year. 
This year it was my turn for the main entree-chicken pot pie.
Everyone outdoes themselves and we have a great time!

My girls through the years...

The Santa collection that I started when they were babies.

We hung ornaments from command hooks in the archways this year. 
I wish I had stock in command hooks... 

Our manger scene-my mother bought the figures as a wedding gift for us in 1989 and my father-in-law made the manger.  It is a treasure to us.

Delaney drew the nativity scene on the canvas a few years ago.

Delaney and I made the trees this year and glittered the houses. 
Simple and fun!

Vintage postcards from my mom and sister that I clipped
on to a floral arrangement.

Some of our glittered houses...

Delaney created these flowers as tags for her gifts to friends. 
She is soooooo clevah!

A creche from Italy that was in our home growing up.
I 've always loved it and am glad to have it on our mantel now.

One of the snowglobes that Delaney and I made this year.  It was our first time to try these and they were amazingly simple.  If you would like the instructions, just leave me a comment and I'll get them to you!

A beautiful ornament from Austria that my brother brought back for me. 

A painting that Delaney made last year in a class that we took-so cute!

Delaney's girl scout troop made these nativity scenes from laundry scoops, leftover fabric and Christmas cards years ago. 
It is one of my favorite things!

Shanley painted this as a gift many years ago. 
These are my most precious decorations.

This photo went in the Christmas card this year-
that haven't been mailed yet!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Now it is time for tubs, chaos and re-organization.

Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful!!! How do you have the time?

  2. Well, Delaney makes for a pretty good personal assistant...Other than that all I can say is that I SHOULD be focusing some of this energy on working out...I'm just saying.

  3. Holy macaroni! I LOOOOVE ALL of it! You have Christmas everywhere - it's beautiful! You should do a tutorial on the snow globes and link up! I love your new blog!!

  4. I do need to do a turorial because they were pretty simple and turned out well. I love when that happens!Thank you, Jen-a faire!

  5. I have to say again...that it is all so pretty and I'm going to make glitter houses next year..that would be fun with Andy. How many Christmas tubs did you have this year? tee-hee

  6. Holy moly lady..I don't know how you do it! It all looks soo pretty. I would love to know how you do the snowglobes. I'm sure my kids and I would have a blast with those and be glittered from head to toe :)

  7. Hey Cathy!! Thank you! I will download the instructions that I used and post them ASAP. Your girls would love this project-so simple and they turn out to be so cute-great gifts!