Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

Our Kindergarten Team plus One has a progressive dinner every year. 
This year it was my turn for the main entree-chicken pot pie.
Everyone outdoes themselves and we have a great time!

My girls through the years...

The Santa collection that I started when they were babies.

We hung ornaments from command hooks in the archways this year. 
I wish I had stock in command hooks... 

Our manger scene-my mother bought the figures as a wedding gift for us in 1989 and my father-in-law made the manger.  It is a treasure to us.

Delaney drew the nativity scene on the canvas a few years ago.

Delaney and I made the trees this year and glittered the houses. 
Simple and fun!

Vintage postcards from my mom and sister that I clipped
on to a floral arrangement.

Some of our glittered houses...

Delaney created these flowers as tags for her gifts to friends. 
She is soooooo clevah!

A creche from Italy that was in our home growing up.
I 've always loved it and am glad to have it on our mantel now.

One of the snowglobes that Delaney and I made this year.  It was our first time to try these and they were amazingly simple.  If you would like the instructions, just leave me a comment and I'll get them to you!

A beautiful ornament from Austria that my brother brought back for me. 

A painting that Delaney made last year in a class that we took-so cute!

Delaney's girl scout troop made these nativity scenes from laundry scoops, leftover fabric and Christmas cards years ago. 
It is one of my favorite things!

Shanley painted this as a gift many years ago. 
These are my most precious decorations.

This photo went in the Christmas card this year-
that haven't been mailed yet!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Now it is time for tubs, chaos and re-organization.

Happy New Year!